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Date: May 27th, 2016
Author: Kosmos
Baka Adventures: Busty Dimension: Hard at work within his mother's basement we find our nerdy hero Baka testing out a new invention of his, a teleportation pod when it malfunctions and teleports him to a world of fantasy and horny voluptuous bitches! This hentai game is playable within mobile browsers on iPhone and Android devices.
Jee, 4 months ago said:
Wow! Can't wait to play that
Manimal, 4 months ago said:
That was awesome I wanna go to that dimension.
Demon, 4 months ago said:
It's a mad game ever
Riclamin, 4 months ago said:
Will you be releasing the MILF queen series here as well?
Baka, 4 months ago said:
Man, this site is amazing!
MobiBooby, 4 months ago said:
MobiBoby is an official mobile branch of MNF Team. So answering your questions - yes, all of the hot MNF games will be released here so you can play them on mobile devices. And thanks for all your feedbacks here!
microsofttittys, 4 months ago said:
Please add support for edge browser on Microsoft phones.
Sniffy, 4 months ago said:
Very nice game keep up the good work mobibooby
Juicy44, 4 months ago said:
Thanks for your hard work making these awesome games mobile. Good work!
MobiBooby, 4 months ago said:
Thank you, Juicy44! Your feeback is important for us! Spread that news about our new mobile platform in other places. That way, guys, you can help us to keep up and release more and more games!
Kentankirus, 4 months ago said:
Thanks for.the awesome games keep up the good work
olasip98, 4 months ago said:
are they going to be free?
SomeSlut, 4 months ago said:
That anvil is fucking sexy
nice, 3 months ago said:
Heri, 3 months ago said:
Very nice
gpp, 3 months ago said:
fuck, 3 months ago said:
its not working
Ok guy, 3 months ago said:
Why does good things happen to bad people
halal, 3 months ago said:
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Deidara, 3 months ago said:
Cool... But anygames for girls?
sabi, 2 months ago said:
angil, 2 months ago said:
Cam, 2 months ago said:
It's not working for me
Conan3d1, 2 months ago said:
Damn, prison sex, the best kind
Conan3d1, 2 months ago said:
The lucky bastard he had all those women... and still left...
Conan3d1, 2 months ago said:
wait in that last scene who else noticed that there is a shit ton of women from animes?
Ravi Singh, 2 months ago said:
Ravi Singh
Aasis lama, 2 months ago said:
Hurry to play this game
Liam kraft, 2 months ago said:
Best webb site ever and i have tell all of my frends to play all this games
F man, 2 months ago said:
Super sex games
sex demon, 2 months ago said:
this game rocked like hell
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chris tucker, 1 month ago said:
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Ellie, 3 weeks ago said:
This game is fucking GREAT AS FUCK!
Ellie, 3 weeks ago said:
fucking good
Max, 3 weeks ago said:
Is so cool I wish I could fuck that meny girls
Angel, 2 weeks ago said:
Hi Dick is big
bake, 2 weeks ago said:
hahah nice!!!
Sexyass, 2 weeks ago said:
Someone plz fuck me i need some sex and i need to be eaten by someone
Nobody, 2 weeks ago said:
Amazing games
brito, 2 weeks ago said:
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Max, 1 week ago said:
Does eneyone want to have sex with me ?
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Karan, 3 days ago said:
How to play.....
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