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Date: March 20th, 2016
Author: Vadim
The night is a time when crime is likely to happen. Unfortunately the corrupt police won't do anything about it. The Super Team is only hope in the battle against growth of criminalization in MNF society. The citizens of MNF metropolis can sleep safe and sound knowing that there're Mighty Mom and Super Son in town to lay down the law. An emergency situation has happened over a train depot this time. A villain called Kid Pervert threatens to explode the bomb. Mighty Mom and Super Son are on the way to the depot to figure it out.
DSfsf, 9 months ago said:
I liked her boobs
gfds, 9 months ago said:
Keep it coming, guys
John, 9 months ago said:
Mobibooby is awesome......
Nombre, 9 months ago said:
Seems to just stop working after the round 3 sex scene. If you tap on "Cum" it just freezes.
Pooshkin, 9 months ago said:
Ya after scene 3 freezes
MobiBooby, 9 months ago said:
It's fixed now. Thanks for letting us know, guys!
Htc, 9 months ago said:
Lagging as hell in my HTC XL
arric, 8 months ago said:
Good good
Trowa, 8 months ago said:
Wow,echt super mobibooby!! Danke :)
Trowa, 8 months ago said:
Wow, realy great game mobibooby!! Thanks
asfasdfaaaaaaaaaa, 8 months ago said:
IC0, 7 months ago said:
What do I do at the hand symbol in the top left corner, I just keep seeing flashes of the game...
Mobibooby fan, 7 months ago said:
Best game ever played
Poe, 7 months ago said:
I would like to suck her boobs
windows, 7 months ago said:
Doesn't get work on windows phone/edge browser?
Po_the_panda, 7 months ago said:
Lags in the fight scene.
RunDMC, 7 months ago said:
Its awesome, tks mobibooby!
Papu :v, 6 months ago said:
Se lagea :v
Curious fan, 6 months ago said:
Are you guys going to add Super Heroine Hijinks 2 anytime soon?
CoolGuy, 6 months ago said:
I would titfuck her all day
Tbone, 6 months ago said:
Definitely one of the; if not the best of these style of games you should definitely put 2 and 3 up soon its amazing
CAMIX, 6 months ago said:
Please, i need the third part of the series
Djd, 6 months ago said:
It's hard to watch I want to fuck her now
Dede, 6 months ago said:
God I wanna suck his big cock
Big pussy lover, 5 months ago said:
More realistic people but same size boobs plz apart from that this website is AMAZING
Ellie, 3 months ago said:
Wow that was so cool
Ellie, 3 months ago said:
Make new ones!
Ellie, 3 months ago said:
And btw I am a girl in real life.
Ellie, 3 months ago said:
And I am fangirling on mobibooby!
radesh, 3 months ago said:
Amand, 3 months ago said:
Thank you so much mobibooby! At work I get horny for sex games and now I can play it on phone and rub my oussy in my office ty!
Ellie, 3 months ago said:
I have an oc ready it's called the dick breaker
Ellie, 3 months ago said:
And it's a girl and she is naked every day
Ellie, 3 months ago said:
So she shows off her big boobys
Slutmaddie, 3 months ago said:
I loved his penis
Foky big boobs, 3 months ago said:
I wish someone would do my F cup tits like he did ;-)
david, 3 months ago said:
hendra, 2 months ago said:
i like thi is game
Rex, 2 months ago said:
Make more magic book
Johnny, 2 months ago said:
Love the whole game made me cum twice keep it cumming.!
John, 2 months ago said:
This is soo cool. I like her boobs very much. I could fuck her all day.
the anam freak, 2 months ago said:
im a teen girl who is an anal freak i was using a carrot to fuck my ass slow thinking it was super son
Jacob, 2 months ago said:
Anam freak that's pretty hot
Leanmuscle hardcock, 2 months ago said:
Foky big boobs I would mmm
Derhygt, 4 weeks ago said:
I didn't even get past the train station, it froze up
Dakota, 3 weeks ago said:
I like the sex
Horny, 3 weeks ago said:
Ohhh fuck, I need more muscle
Leanmuscle Hardcock, 3 weeks ago said:
I can help I'm a trainer
naomi gold, 3 weeks ago said:
why can't I download it
Guck, 2 weeks ago said:
Fuck fuck fuck
Duck, 2 weeks ago said:
Fuck me
Jess5, 2 weeks ago said:
You should add more and more so it can get more popular
................., 1 week ago said:
Look at those big tits
Pussy Liker, 1 week ago said:
Her boobs are huge
@esmail9987, 12 hours ago said:
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