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Date: March 22nd, 2016
Author: Serega
Welcome our new hero, his name is Sherman Dooffy. While being a very smart guy he was not very popular in school. Sherman is one of those students school people call "geeks". Today in the school library he's found an ancient magic book, which can change his whole life.
MJDDEFF, 1 year ago said:
asd, 1 year ago said:
Mike, 1 year ago said:
Amazing transformations.. I've found 32 so far, where's others, lol?
;opio, 1 year ago said:
5555, 1 year ago said:
Hzbzhzhs, 1 year ago said:
JPowers, 1 year ago said:
55 in total
Mindy, 1 year ago said:
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Michael, 1 year ago said:
Where is Magic book 2? Awesome game btw, keep it up
Mike, 1 year ago said:
This game made me cum twice
c8r1d3r, 1 year ago said:
doesnt seem to load in safari!!!game stuck at the "play" screen!!!
Sluttywife, 1 year ago said:
Ohh, this game really turn me on.........
Angel, 1 year ago said:
Kkk, 1 year ago said:
Magic book 3!!! I'll wait for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
???, 1 year ago said:
is there anyway to get the other changes???
123, 1 year ago said:
I would love to play the other magic book games you guys don't have yet. Please get them.
asdf, 1 year ago said:
Love this series. Hope there will be a magic book 5/6 that includes some more lez scenes ;)
Magic Book fan, 1 year ago said:
Can you guys please add all of the Magic Book games, I'd really appreciate it.
sdsgsheusjwsisjw, 1 year ago said:
d5ugjfjgfjgfjdjdgdsgjddjgdufil..., 1 year ago said:
Cuck, 1 year ago said:
Please reply if real
Where's 2, 1 year ago said:
Where's magic book 2
Stupidfuck, 1 year ago said:
Too bad this doesn't happen in reality
Name, 1 year ago said:
Crashes to much
Mmmmmmm, 1 year ago said:
Found 97
Mr fucker, 1 year ago said:
One fuck yeah I want more sex n pussy
King dong, 1 year ago said:
Where's part 2?!!?
Rogue, 1 year ago said:
Apparently, my kindle fire can play this better than my android. Fuck it, my kindle's screen is bigger anyway.
Dennis Rodriguez, 11 months ago said:
This was a good that's good and good sexual experience for boy name Sherman
friend, 11 months ago said:
best ones are the twins, tentacles and three fury beasts. the babe is so hot
Love it, 11 months ago said:
The only thing I wish is sex scene for every possible combination but other then that, its awesome.
Dragon ball, 11 months ago said:
Add a fairy tail game pls
your mom, 11 months ago said:
found 84, are there any more ? how ?
Sex girl, 11 months ago said:
I'm want you're cock
Apollo, 11 months ago said:
It crashes too much, someone should fix that
KARLA LOUTH, 10 months ago said:
It was too slow
boobs, 10 months ago said:
Wrost game
sydney, 10 months ago said:
i have found 130 of sex games
fuck girl, 10 months ago said:
This game is so sexey
annalyn, 10 months ago said:
Shon, 10 months ago said:
I live it
Jack, 10 months ago said:
Keeps crashing
dhijhhj, 10 months ago said:
China llojfy cfjj BBC
Leaming, 10 months ago said:
Hey this's game rocks it Maud me do sex with my girlfriend twice
Dont give a shit man, 10 months ago said:
What the fuck was that it was a mother fucker no pussy much what the hell assholes
jerome, 10 months ago said:
How ppay
FuckBoy, 10 months ago said:
How to get a game!?
april, 10 months ago said:
Love what site to gey on to play
Ilovesexgames, 9 months ago said:
Why foes it stop during the conversation with the girl
Suck my asshole, 9 months ago said:
picer, 9 months ago said:
Nice girls Nice tit
Norm, 9 months ago said:
Doesn't work
4ladyslayer, 9 months ago said:
Magic book 2 it's called revenge of the nerds
Ihart pussy, 9 months ago said:
I need a girl do you need a man
Null, 9 months ago said:
I cant get passed "who cares lets try it" it keeps frezing
MobiBooby, 9 months ago said:
Hey Null, try now.
36229, 9 months ago said:
This is really interesting to me
Mobiboobysex, 9 months ago said:
I really love this game oh and 36229 Same here
Norm, 9 months ago said:
It work and it's awesome
Idk, 9 months ago said:
Moan noises, 9 months ago said:
Make them moan
Dead_mou5e(defalt), 9 months ago said:
You should make an app for mobibooby
hysoka, 9 months ago said:
good nice
nice and sexy., 9 months ago said:
Ally, 9 months ago said:
Hi I am ally
DTF, 9 months ago said:
Cool, 9 months ago said:
Oh this is so good
RodDrixX, 9 months ago said:
Anyone wants to fuck with me... I am a interest male...
RodDrixX, 9 months ago said:
Anyone wants to fuck with me... I am a interest male... 8076689484
Annabelle, 9 months ago said:
Nice game, but why are they talking so slow?! Is it just me who's noticing this or what?? (Btw, my kik is lily_loves_you_xox ((;)
Porn lover, 9 months ago said:
Make more majick books. There amazing!
Sex Demon, 9 months ago said:
This game made me feel horny
Leanmuscle hardcock, 9 months ago said:
Couldn't find you Annabelle :(
Ruby, 8 months ago said:
Doesn't work on Safari. Someone tell me what the fuck to do?
Dave, 8 months ago said:
I can never get these games to work on my iPhone. I swipe up like it says, the screen appears and disappears quickly. Please help.
MobiBooby, 8 months ago said:
Dave, could you tell us your iPhone model and iOS version?
Poop, 8 months ago said:
Smell my ass
Poop, 8 months ago said:
Cameron, 8 months ago said:
She is so sexy and his dick is so big
Sexist, 8 months ago said:
When is magic book 2 coming out?
sex, 8 months ago said:
this shit is sexy
Jeffrey jr, 8 months ago said:
I got 45 different spells
justme, 7 months ago said:
infound 180
The Tastiest Slut, 7 months ago said:
Omg.... im so horny....
Leanmuscle Hardcock, 7 months ago said:
So am I tastiest slut we could have fun
Marc21, 7 months ago said:
How do u download?
............., 7 months ago said:
When will release the 2nd part?? U only released the 3 part
I liked it, 7 months ago said:
I liked it
Lol, 7 months ago said:
I found 72
???, 7 months ago said:
You found 72?
Love it, 7 months ago said:
This is the best ever I found 82
COCKLOVER, 7 months ago said:
David, 7 months ago said:
The music is passing me of. Sound of the girl is enough. Is there an option to turn the music off but let the effects on?
Tristen, 7 months ago said:
It wont load for me and keeps kicking me off i have a express plz help
TONY HARVEY-CATTIN, 7 months ago said:
Jordan., 6 months ago said:
Make a second one where they go to her house and you can choose all the combinations and try them on eachother, like both of them using a transformation at the same time. Hot as fuck
sex, 6 months ago said:
HEY do you want to have sex with me
Justforu15, 6 months ago said:
Im fucking horny rn add me on snap: justforu15 for more fun ;)
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Imm I am so horny I want fuck myself Fuck me boys
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I will fuck you Little bitch ;)
vijay, 6 months ago said:
I want to fuck
Leanmuscle Hardcock, 6 months ago said:
Me too vijay
inaam, 6 months ago said:
Sexy dick, 6 months ago said:
I wish I hade that book
GameFreak, 5 months ago said:
None of your games will play on my iPhone. After I tilt the phone and get rid of the search bar, it still tells me to get rid of the search bar
Waqas qadir, 5 months ago said:
I want to fuck someone im from pakistan
My mame is bob, 5 months ago said:
LOL Thatcher Pussy sherman
Lolivia, 5 months ago said:
The gAme is good but I like very rude sex
Leanmuscle Hardcock, 5 months ago said:
Lolivia what kind of rude sex? ;)
Wilsen, 5 months ago said:
I got to get sex right now..
mother Fucker Said, 5 months ago said:
Fuck this shit i well i know you cant fuck a shit but fuck off i hate the fucking loading bullshit!!
mother Fucker Said, 5 months ago said:
Okay This Is My Second Try&Comment And Its Still Fucking Loading And If it load Its Like It Will Be Fucking Forever This Site Suck A Dick Hard Fuck Off MOBIBOOBY Site Thats The Mother Fucker Said!
UCK OFF YOU DONT SUPPOSE TO KN..., 5 months ago said:
Fuck!! MOTHER FUCKER SAID. Is right Fuck it i hate The Fucking Loading Fuck Off
Death, 5 months ago said:
82 Transformations need more anal and cum
horny girl, 5 months ago said:
my fav is the octopus 1 on the male
Viviana Alba, 5 months ago said:
This game is fun
AlphaWolf, 4 months ago said:
On this site you magic book 1 and 3 I love the games I think you should put the rest of series on here too
Money, 4 months ago said:
This shit is awesome
Bigdick, 4 months ago said:
I wish i could've fuck all the characters
Horny girl, 4 months ago said:
Need dick pics now. Boys snap me @ me63924
Awsomness, 4 months ago said:
Bill, 4 months ago said:
Seems to good to be true.
i want you dick, 4 months ago said:
im so horny right now i love playing sex games FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCCCCK MEEEEEEE
sex toy, 4 months ago said:
So horny hony get me my dildo
joseph walters, 4 months ago said:
Add me on messenger for sex with my 6 inch dick my name is: joseph walters
naeem, 4 months ago said:
goood game
robert, 4 months ago said:
Ima a male 4792835595
Mobiy, 3 months ago said:
rajveer, 3 months ago said:
ben, 3 months ago said:
Kris, 3 months ago said:
Love it
Sandeep, 3 months ago said:
Even I want to fuck her
Harsh, 2 months ago said:
I have found 40
Lucky, 2 months ago said:
Battlul. Lucky
Sexy girl, 2 months ago said:
So good love the Austin powers one
guy, 2 months ago said:
Any girl wana text ;)
SexyBitch, 2 months ago said:
Sure, I'll text you
Horny asf, 2 months ago said:
Then text me
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I'll text you
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What if the teachers see your pussy
Sexy bitch, 2 months ago said:
I wish I had the book to make guys have sex with ME B-)^_^:-D:-D:-D:-D
Boopybeepy, 2 months ago said:
The other transformations doesnt work
Saikat Chakraborty, 2 months ago said:
nice game
White man, 2 months ago said:
Sexy bitch hit me up on kik killbad24
juji, 2 months ago said:
uhhhh fuckkkk i need a cockkk
White man, 2 months ago said:
Juji add me on kik
raj, 2 months ago said:
mst pic
Tan, 2 months ago said:
I found 83 and where the hell is magic book 2 come on
HornyTween, 2 months ago said:
This games just make me so wet! I wish that Sherman boy was real, we would be fucking all night long parents there or not!
Magic Book Fan, 2 months ago said:
Please put Magic Book 2 on this site.
Chirag, 2 months ago said:
U should decrease the size of boobs to normal
alicia, 2 months ago said:
horny fuck me hard
Leanmuscle Hardcock, 2 months ago said:
I will Alicia do you have kik?
Sexy girl, 2 months ago said:
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a need sex, 2 months ago said:
I need sex
Joesmo6989, 2 months ago said:
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Sexy girl, 1 month ago said:
Yeah I would love that
Ash, 1 month ago said:
Does this work on a phone?
Pussy, 1 month ago said:
Do you want to fuch Ash
Accu, 1 month ago said:
I found 45 transformations
Pussy, 1 month ago said:
I wrote longterm 1121 it doesn't work
Lea, 1 month ago said:
I am so horny I will fuck myself.Please fuck me boys!if you talk to me on this game I will talk back.
Luke, 1 month ago said:
Tell me ur fantasies lea
Kimg, 1 month ago said:
I love game
Legend27, 1 month ago said:
i found 62
Soldier 69, 1 month ago said:
Lmao "i'm gonna kill you both" turns into ballerina with micropenis
Bulk346, 1 month ago said:
Should make another one like this but add some foot fetish stuff
Jamer49, 1 month ago said:
Bettlejuice, 1 month ago said:
Funniest game ever love it
Hhaall, 1 month ago said:
I love this had a blast
LilPussy, 1 month ago said:
Great game
jaxk, 1 month ago said:
makes my cock hard
Big cook, 1 month ago said:
i cum on my grli
Fucking man, 4 weeks ago said:
I found 71 spells
Horny guy, 4 weeks ago said:
I'm 18 I'm a guy and really horny. Anyone want to sext? Hit me up at 815-905-4199
mex, 4 weeks ago said:
Grab em by the pussy, 4 weeks ago said:
Still the best game on the site
Carrington, 3 weeks ago said:
I love the game but why is there so many people when u can only use like half
Porngamer707, 3 weeks ago said:
80 transformations in the game am i right?
Sex, 3 weeks ago said:
i find 79 spells
Fucker, 3 weeks ago said:
I am gr8 that I played it
I'm going to cum in your pussy, 3 weeks ago said:
Anyone want to suck a huge hard cock
Erica, 2 weeks ago said:
I love this game
kik me, 2 weeks ago said:
@channgling to sext and trade nudes
Carlylovescum, 2 weeks ago said:
I love this game so much. It makes me so wet
Fuck, 2 weeks ago said:
Love this game so much
Ahmed, 2 weeks ago said:
Akhil, 2 weeks ago said:
Sir when I open it come black colour and one square shape come how to open it
huncho, 2 weeks ago said:
when are you guys bringing out part 2?
advance, 5 hours ago said:
Iwana start gme
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